About Mr. Bumbalo

Paul Bumbalo attended Canisius College graduating in 1977 with Summa Cum Laude honors. He attended Buffalo Law School having graduated in 1980. Mr. Bumbalo was admitted to practice law in New York State in 1981 and is also admitted to proactive in the Federal Court for the Western District of New York. Mr. Bumbalo has practiced and appeared in every level of court in the New York State.

Having been involved in general practices, Mr. Bumbalo has focused his practice in the areas of Special Education Law and Matrimonial and Family Law practice.

Ten Things You Wish You Knew About Special Education

  1. Did you know that if you disagree with a district educational evaluation, you may be entitled to an Independent Educational Evaluation at public expense?
  2. Did you know that if your District fails to provide a Free Appropriate Public Education and you have placed your child in an appropriate private educational setting, you may be entitled to reimbursement from the district?
  3. Did you know that you are allowed to bring to a CSE meeting, a person having knowledge or special expertise regarding the student?
  4. Did you know that your child is entitled to a full scale evaluation when needed but no later than every three years?
  5. Did you know that as your child approaches 16 years of age he or she is entitled to transitional services as a preparation for post secondary life?
  6. Did you know that under certain circumstances your child may be entitled to compensatory "make-up" services?
  7. Did you know that with the filing of a Hearing Request you are entitled to a meeting called a Resolution Session designed to address your child's educational issues?
  8. Did you know that at a Hearing, the District has the burden of proof on most legal issues?
  9. Did you know that if you are the prevailing party you are entitled to attorney fees?
  10. Did you know that as a parent of a special needs child, you may be entitled to Parent Training and Counseling as a related service?