Areas of Practice

Paul Bumbalo is a solo practiconer with over 30 years experience in family matters:

Divorce/Equitable Distribution/ Custody/ Maintenance/ Child Support

  • Hands on personal approach
  • Initial consolation free

Child support is governed by The Child Support Standards Act (CSSA) which utilizes a formula to establish the Basic Child Support Obligation of the Non-Custodial Parent. There are also add ons for day care, child care, and medical expenses. The cost of health insurance premiums is also a factors to be considered. However, things such as personal dependency exemptions are not litigated in Family Court matters. For more information NYS Child Support Standards.

Family Law / Custody /Access / Visitation

The majority of custody arrangements between parents of minor children are joint custody and most arrangements provide for whom the residential parent. The residential parent is the parent who child spends the majority of the time and that parent has final say on major decisions. On the other end of the spectrum there is sole custody where the non custodial parent has visitation as opposed to custodial access time. There is shared and joint custody without a designation which is the residential parent.

The Courts often find It is crucial that both parents have access to medical records and educational records . This helps parents be actively engaged in the child's medical and school issues.

The role of the Law Guardian is now known as the Attorney for the Child (AFC ). This more accurately reflects the role as an advocate of the child and less as a mediator or arbitrator.

Family Planning for the Later Years

As we age and our loved ones age, it is important to plan ahead : such things as Wills, Power of Attorneys and Health Care Proxies are tools needed to prepare for the future. The cost of long term care can be devastating and can drain the wealth that our parents acquired over a lifetime of working and saving. Advance planning is a must. Representing families purchasing a home, setting up Wills, Estates and Life Estates.

Special Education Consultation

  • Consultation, review of IEP's, discuss strategies for CSE meetings
  • Impartial Hearings

Paul Bumbalo is licensed to practice law in NYS since 1981, and is licensed in Federal Court in the Western District of New York. Mr. Bumbalo has extensive experience in Special Education Law, both the NYS and Federal, having conducted Impartial Hearings all throughout NYS dealing in areas of NYS Special Education, IDEA, Section 504 Rehabilitation Act including classification, reimbursement and programming and placement and services.

Paul Bumbalo is a former IHO (Impartial Hearing Officer) with 20 years of experience. Mr. Bumbalo has the experience conducting hearings with the finest special educational lawyers in NYS. Paul Bumbalo is in the unique position to identify the best strategies to be successful.